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Our Favorite Reels (Pt.1)

Who says Janitors can't have a sense of humor—and an Instagram account.

At Highland Building Services, your professional janitorial services company nestled in the heart of the Greater Jackson, Mississippi, we've discovered that even the quietest of our crew members have a knack for humor. They are the unsung heroes who work their magic when the world is fast asleep, rendering an invisible yet essential service. But they're not just experts in cleanliness; they are also masters of the unexpected.

In this series, Our Favorite Reels, get ready to laugh, learn, and have your mind blown as we showcase a collection of videos that not only knock the cobwebs off your funny bone but also unveil mind-boggling life hacks. Ever wondered how much money Mr. Beast's janitor makes? Buckle up, because you're about to find out!

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