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Our Favorite Reels (pt.3)

Updated: Jan 20

While some might think janitors magically disappear with the sunrise, little do they know, we're busy keeping up with the digital age, one meme at a time. Dive into Our Favorite Reels, where we're heating up your wintry sense of humor and uncovering life hacks that will blow your mind, all through an exciting array of videos.

"...but honestly most of my day's spent waiting for people to stop crying in the bathroom so I can clean 'em." – Bob, Custodian, RONDO

Who knew that mopping floors was similar to sanding wood?! Go with the grain and not against it.

In case you're wondering where she bought the white rolling utility caddy:

Janitor Custodian Star Wars Comic Strip Aim Storm Trooper Highland Building Services Jackson Madison Hinds County Rankin County Mississippi
©2017 Scott Hillburn

"How do you like them apples?"

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